Fees are set at the Annual General Meeting for the forthcoming season.

Currently the annual subscription is £100 for registered boys/girls teams and £60 for unregistered boys/girls teams. Fees are £60 if you have a sibling at the club. For this you receive weekly training, weekly match, use of Chepstow Town AFC facilities and the use of good quality football equipment.

Players subscriptions are collected in two ways

  • As a one-off payment for the whole season.

  • In 3 instalment payment on registration day, 31st August 2019 and 30th September 2019


  • For new players a period of grace is permitted. If the player decides to stay with the club then subscriptions are due and must be paid.

  • There are no refunds if a player withdraws from the team squad during the season

  • On making payment and completion of the club registration form the player becomes a playing member of the club. 

  • The player is covered by the club’s personal accident insurance.

  • Players, parents and coaches are required to abide by the FAW code of conduct.